Lisa, professional photographer

Meet Lisa

How did you get started in photography?
11th grade Photo 1 class. I'd always liked taking photos, and my mother was an insane photo nut so I was always brought up with a healthy respect and reverence for photography. But the second I put that piece of paper into the developing tray in the darkroom and saw the image start to appear, I was totally hooked. It was magic.

How would you describe your style?
Real. I capture real moments and real love. I don't like to dress it up with tons of photoshopped effects. I don't create false environments. None of that is real or true. The real magic is the love my clients have for one another. It's my job to capture that lovesome nature which already exists and elevate it to a point that takes my clients' breath away.

How long have you been a wedding photographer?
My very first wedding was in 2004. My dad's boss's wife was a wedding photographer and in need of an assistant. I was in college for photography at the time and happily accepted the opportunity. The first few gigs I just carted gear around and changed film rolls (yes, FILM). Gradually she began to trust me more and allowed me to shoot and I began to fall in love with the excitement of it all. By 2005 I was regularly second shooting for several different photographers and slowly picking up solo gigs here and there while I worked at Apple. In 2006, I co-founded SoftBox Media and headed up the Photography division. Finally, by 2007, the company had gained enough traction that I quit my "real" job and went full steam ahead with photography only. In 2014 we celebrated 8 years in business, moved into a commercial studio space in my favorite little town (Leesburg!) and established the trade name of Lovesome Photography. Now, in 2017 as the company turns 11, we're excited to be expanding to another one of my favorite places, Colorado! I'll be splitting my time between both locations on my quest to document inspiring love stories whether they be countryside, seaside, or (my favorite) mountain top.

What is your favorite part about photographing a wedding?
Truthfully, it's making the album afterward. Sure the day is great and I love my clients and seeing them happy on such a joyous day is a thrill, but when the last sparkler is out and they're gone, what's left? Just a bunch of data on a memory card? Pictures are meant to be seen, and I feel have a wholly transformative impact when viewed in hand versus viewed on a screen. For me, creating the album is the culmination of everything my clients have done and I have done. It also fills me with a sense of honor to think how they will be handed down as heirlooms for generations to come. It seems silly on the surface to think of a wedding photographer being able to have such an impact, but it truly does.

What inspires you? What doesn't?!
I'm a big design nerd so a lot of what inspires me is line, shape, and form. It can be man made (I love art history and architecture) or nature (mountains are magnificent and my favorite place to be), but when I see my clients interacting with the environment they're in-the lines and shapes of them against the lines and shapes of the setting- I really find my inspiration. I think that's why I'm really versatile with my wedding types and am happy shooting both outdoors and in. I can always find inspiration!

What do you do outside of photography?
If I'm not in the photo studio, head to the nearest horse farm and I'll likely be there! I've been in love with horses since I knew what a horse was and have been riding for over 20 years now. A few years ago I found and fell in love with a local therapeutic riding program where I volunteer most of my free time lending a hand. Recently, I just got my PATH International Therapeutic Riding Instructor certification. Now I get to partner with horses in therapies for some amazing kids & adults with a wide range of cognitive, physical, and psychological disabilities. I'm lucky that my work fills me with joy and love from so many happy couples AND my free time is filled with such joy & love as well. My cup is always full of so many things to be grateful for.

Now, if I'm not at the studio or the barn, I'm likely "getting lost" in the mountains of Colorado. Hiking, camping, skiing...I love all the Rockies have to offer. They ground me. They humble me. They inspire me. I couldn't be more excited to get to spend even more time in my mountain paradise with the expansion of Lovesome Photo to Denver, Summit County, and the surrounding areas in Colorado in 2017.

Lastly, when the day is done, I get to head home to my hubby & my fur babies (boston terriers Mac & Moo) for some r&r on the couch and my latest Netflix addiction. I feel ridiculously lucky & grateful that I've been able to grow my business with such an amazing & appreciative client base so that I can have this life!

Some of our most recent work was shot in:

*Dillon, CO* Leesburg, VA * Washington, DC * Vienna, VA * Aspen, CO * Breckenridge, CO * Denver, CO*
Lovesome Photography will travel anywhere you need us, even internationally!