“…People are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home…” - John Muir

I am so very pleased and excited to announce that in 2017, we will officially (and proudly) be expanding our photography services to the great state of Colorado. I’ve always been drawn to the mountains, and over the years, while spending more and more time in the Rockies an idea took root. What if there are more out there like me? To whom the mountains speak? More, like me, who love Love and want to celebrate it while dancing on top of the world? More adventure seekers like me who don’t mind a long hike for a breathtaking, picture perfect view? And what if I can find them and share my visions with them? Commemorate for them, those joys moments of love and happiness?

It would be awesome.

So here I am, expanding to new ground, to celebrate Love with even more amazing couples in one of Mother Nature’s most monumental landscapes. So if you find yourself reading this and thinking “Hey! That’s me! I’m an adventure seeker. I love Love. And I want to dance on top of the world while celebrating it!” Then don’t hesitate to contact us. Your Adventure Session in Colorado awaits!

Colorado Mountain Sessions start at $495.